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Some of the strangest sites. Can you believe that anyone would make sites like these?

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  • Free Online Translations - Read this page in a different language!

  • Posters - All sorts of posters for sale. Some very cool stuff!

  • Humor Links - Huge directory of funny sites.

    • - All sorts of strange things to look at when you get bored.

    • Wingee's Funny Stuff and Random Ramblings - Original parody. Save the polyesters! Worldwide widgets. Plywood forests need your help. Business opportunity for idiots. Drunks Against Mad Mothers. Pure lunacy.

    • - Some strange but very funny animations on this site.

    • The University of the Bleeding Obvious - Educational offcuts, strange learnin' and stupid stories told with a straight face.

    • Beer Haiku - They love beer. And this is their tribute to it!

    • Doctor Bongo's Casebook - Spoof medical website with all sorts of crazy advice from Dr Bongo himself. Try the self-diagnosis tool, but don't take it too seriously!

    • Strange eBay - Covering all the strange, weird, wild and wooly auctions going on at eBay...

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